Kiowa County Hospital District

1208 Luther Street, PO Box 817
Eads, Colorado 81036-0817

Phone: 719-438-5401
Fax: 719-438-5697

Kiowa County Hospital District is currently looking for a full-time Nurse Practitioner to join our Care Team. Excellent benefit packages and incentive rewards. Please email your CV and references, accompanied with a letter of intent to or call 719-438-5401 ext 123 and speak to Tristen Sheridan for more information on this opportunity.

Join The Campaign For A Healthy Colorado!
This November, we can stop tobacco companies from getting more children and adults addicted to cigarettes for the rest of their lives. Tobacco companies want to sell more cigarettes even though they know it causes cancer and heart disease and kills nearly half a million people every year. Colorado kids smoke 7 million packs of cigarettes a year. Increasing the cigarette tax is a proven way to fight this deadly problem and keep kids from starting to smoke.
Final Draft of Proposed Initiative 143
Campaign for a Healthly Colorado Website
August is National Immunization Awareness Month

National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) is an annual observance to highlight the importance of vaccination for people of all ages. Partners like you are key to raising awareness about the importance of vaccination, and NIAM is another great opportunity for you to remind your audiences about the benefits of immunization. Show your support and spread the word about the importance of vaccines for people of all ages.

CDC vaccine schedules
Dental Solutions is coming to Kiowa County
KCHD is proud to announce the partnership with Dental Solutions for Health. They will be providing mobile dental health for our community at:
1204 Luther St. (old public health bldg.)
Eads, CO 81036

Please call for your first appointment:
upcoming days of service:

Wednesday, Sept. 14th
Wednesday, Oct. 12th
Wednesday, Nov. 9th

Medicaid and most commercial insurances are accepted.
Article on Dental Solutions for Health from the Colorado Dental Association
Our Patients/Residents
The hospital would be nothing without the community it serves. Thank you to our community that believes in our facilities and services we provide.
Our Care Staff
Remember to take every opportunity to thank all of the dedicated individuals – physicians, nurses, therapists, engineers, food service workers, volunteers, administrators and so many more – for their contributions.
Our Administration
Professionals that would hard behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Beating the Summer Heat
10 Top Tips

1.   Drink cool water. Anyone working in a hot environment should drink cool
water in small amounts frequently--one cup every 20 minutes. Employers
should make water available. Avoid alcohol, coffee, tea and caffeinated soft
drinks, which cause dehydration.  

2.   Dress appropriately. Wear lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting
clothing and change clothing if it gets completely saturated. Use sunscreen
and wear a hat when working outdoors. Avoid getting sunburn.  

3.   Work in ventilated areas. All workplaces should have good general
ventilation as well as spot cooling in work areas of high heat production.
Good airflow increases evaporation of sweat, which cools the skin.  

4.   Work less, rest more. Supervisors should assign a lighter workload and
longer rest periods during days of intense heat. Short, frequent work-rest
cycles are best. Alternate work and rest periods with longer rest periods in
a cooler area, and schedule heavy work for cooler parts of the day.  

5.   Ask how workers are feeling. Supervisors should monitor workplace
temperature and humidity and check workers' responses to heat at least
hourly. Allow a large margin of safety for workers. Be alert to early signs
of heat-related illness and allow workers to stop their work for a rest
break if they become extremely uncomfortable.

6.   Know the signs and take prompt action. Employees and employers should
learn to spot the signs of heat stroke, which can be fatal. Get emergency
medical attention immediately if someone has one or more of the following
symptoms: mental confusion or loss of consciousness, flushed face, hot, dry
skin or has stopped sweating.

7.   Train first-aid workers. First-aid workers should be able to recognize
and treat the signs of heat stress. First aid workers should also be able to
recognize the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion, heat cramps and other
heat-related illness. Be sure that all workers know who is trained to give
first aid.

8.   Reduce work for anyone at risk. Employers should use common sense when
determining fitness for work in hot environments. Lack of acclimatization,
age, obesity, poor conditioning, pregnancy, inadequate rest, previous heat
injuries, certain medical conditions and medications are some factors that
increase susceptibility to heat stress.  

9.   Check with your doctor. Certain medical conditions such as heart
conditions and diabetes, and some medications can increase the risk of
injury from heat exposure. Employees with medical conditions or those who
take medications should ask their doctors before working in hot

10.  Watch out for other hazards. Use common sense and monitor other
environmental hazards that often accompany hot weather, such as smog and

NOAA Summer Weather Safety
The Mission Statement of Kiowa County Hospital District is to create a healthy community through access to quality, friendly, state-of-the-art health care and health education.
Quality Care Team

Dr. David Lenderts MD,  Chief of Staff
Dr. Fred Feinsod, MD ECU Medical Director
Dr. Tim Richardt PT, Physical Therapy Director
Wendy McDowell, RN, Director of Nursing

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Kindergarten Education Day

  1. Parachute with the residents
    Parachute with the residents
  2. Parachute with the residents
    Parachute with the residents
  3. ER experince
    ER experince
    Kindergarten students were educated on the many things that go on in an emergency room and that it is nothing to be afraid of
  4. ER Experience
    ER Experience
  5. ER Experience
    ER Experience
    The children were engaged in questions and answers about reasons why someone might have to go to the ER.
  6. ER Experience
    ER Experience
    The children were given an oral solution (soda pop) in a syringe to experience what it would be like to take medicine by mouth in the ER.
  7. Physical Therapy Time
    Physical Therapy Time
    Dr. Tim Richardt talked to the children the importance of staying active and having exercise.
  8. Ambulance Visit
    Ambulance Visit
    The children were taught about the job of an EMT and the need for them.
  9. Ambulance Visit
    Ambulance Visit
    The children were allowed inside the back of a BLS Ambulance and look around.
  10. Ambulance Visit
    Ambulance Visit
    A tour of an Ambulance with the Director of Ambulance Services, Eunice Weber
  11. Dietary Visit
    Dietary Visit
    Dietary Director Ginger, reminded the children how important if was to drink water and stay hydrated and how the kitchen's job in the hospital is very important. They have to always make sure that the patients are getting the food and drink they need in order to get well.
  12. Lab Visit
    Lab Visit
    Our lab director, Gloria, showed how blood would be drawn if they needed blood work and wrapped up all the children with coban tape.
  13. Domestic Science
    Domestic Science
    The children played a game with housekeeping, and Morgan spoke about how important it is that the hospital stay very clean at all times.
  14. X-ray Visit
    X-ray Visit
    Mary Ellen, Director of Radiology gave out sunglasses after showing the children where they would go if they needed an x-ray.
  15. X-ray Visit
    X-ray Visit
    The children were allowed to see and ask questions about our x-ray machine.
  16. Physical Therapy Time
    Physical Therapy Time
    Obstacle Course for balance
  17. Physical Therapy Time
    Physical Therapy Time
    Obstacle course for balance
  18. Physical Therapy Time
    Physical Therapy Time
    Obstacle course to show how importance balance is.

Board of Directors

Mary Eikner, Chairperson
Robert Woods, Vice Chairperson
Sylvia Shields, Secretary/Treasury
Priscilla Waggoner
Cathryn Anderson
Dennis Pearson
Lori Shalberg
Craig Kerfoot
Kim Harris
John Negley
KCHD History
  1. Swingbed (skilled nursing services)
    Swing bed services are to help inpatients as they transition from acute care for an illness or surgery to returning home. Often assistance is needed during recovery before you are able to care for yourself at home. Each patient's needs are evaluated, and a care plan is put into place. The care team consisting of the Provider, nurses, therapists, social worker, the patient's family, and of course the patient. The care team determines goals and plans to reach those goals. Swing bed services are paid by Medicare, Medicaid, and many private commercial insurances. If you have questions about our Swingbed services, please contact: Brandy Turcotte Social Service Director (719) 438-5401 ext. 147 Renay Crain, RN Acute Care Coordinator (719) 438-5401 ext. 134
  2. Physical Therapy
    This service is designed for those circumstances where the process of aging, injury, or disease threatens movements and function. The programs begins with an assessment and evaluation of physical problems and limitations and ends with maximal functional strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and mobility skills. This is accomplished with the appropriate interventions and treatments including: ◾Spine and Extremity rehabilitation ◾Sports rehabilitation ◾Joint and soft tissue mobilization ◾Functional mobility training ◾Gait and balance training ◾Neuromuscular re-education ◾Therapeutic exercise ◾Aerobic conditioning ◾Pain evaluation and treatment ◾Equipment prescription (ambulation devices and orthoses)
  3. Specialty Clinic
    Our speciality clinic offers services in the following scopes: Cardiology Dr. George Gustafson Dr. Barry Smith Podiatry Dr. James Yakel Ultra Sounds Ultra Imaging Sleep Studies Rocky Mountain Sleep Resource Chiropractor Dr. Sean Oquist Massage Therapy Ashley Gooden, MT Kenan Gooden, MT
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