Kiowa County Hospital District

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Eads, Colorado 81036-0817

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CT Addition Construction  
Our Imaging Center Expansion is now complete and has been made possible by
Grants from organizations including:
Caring For Colorado Foundation
El Pomar Foundation
Additional funds needed have been provided by Kiowa County Hospital District,
and local community members and organizations.

Thank you!

Dental Solutions is here in Kiowa County
KCHD is proud to announce the partnership with Dental Solutions for Health. Dr. Arnold Cullum, DDS and his team will be providing mobile dental health for our community at:

1204 Luther St. (old public health bldg.)
Eads, CO 81036

Please call for assistance in scheduling an appointment:719.438-2251 

Medicaid and most commercial insurances are accepted.
Mission Statement
Providing our Communities with a lifetime of exceptional personalized and compassionate care.
Quality Care Team

Dr. David Lenderts, MD,  Chief of Staff
Jessica Hyman, Nurse Practitioner
Dawn Back, Physician Assistant
Docs Who Care Staff 
 Chad Knaus, MD
Michael Magill-Collins, MD
Lori Thorndike, MD
Stephanie Diehlmann, MD
Dr. Dennis Bartha, Physical Therapy Director

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Board of Directors

KCHD History
Priscilla Waggoner, Chairperson -District Seat
Mary Eikner, Vice Chairperson -District Seat
Sylvia Shields, Secretary/Treasury -District Seat
Cathryn Anderson -District Seat
Lori Shalberg -District Seat

Dennis Pearson -County Seat
Ken Flory -County Seat
Craig Kerfoot -County Seat
John Negley -County Seat
  1. Swingbed (skilled nursing services)
    Swing bed services are to help inpatients as they transition from acute care for an illness or surgery to returning home. Often assistance is needed during recovery before you are able to care for yourself at home. Each patient's needs are evaluated, and a care plan is put into place. The care team consisting of the Provider, nurses, therapists, social worker, the patient's family, and of course the patient. The care team determines goals and plans to reach those goals. Swing bed services are paid by Medicare, Medicaid, and many private commercial insurances. If you have questions about our Swingbed services, please contact: Brandy Turcotte Social Service Director (719) 438-5401 ext. 147 Morgan Jones, RN Acute Care Coordinator (719) 438-5401 ext. 134
  2. Physical Therapy
    This service is designed for those circumstances where the process of aging, injury, or disease threatens movements and function. The programs begins with an assessment and evaluation of physical problems and limitations and ends with maximal functional strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and mobility skills. This is accomplished with the appropriate interventions and treatments including: ◾Spine and Extremity rehabilitation ◾Sports rehabilitation ◾Joint and soft tissue mobilization ◾Functional mobility training ◾Gait and balance training ◾Neuromuscular re-education ◾Therapeutic exercise ◾Aerobic conditioning ◾Pain evaluation and treatment ◾Equipment prescription (ambulation devices and orthoses) Dr. Dennis Bartha, PT Director of Rehabilitation Joe Zinger, PTA (719) 438-5401 ext. 125
  3. Specialty Clinic
    Our speciality clinic offers services in the following scopes: Cardiology Dr. George Gustafson Dr. Barry Smith Ultra Sounds Ultra Imaging Sleep Studies Rocky Mountain Sleep Resource Dr. James Pagel, MD Dr. Craig Shapiro, MD Chiropractor Dr. Sean Oquist Dental Dr. Arnold Cullum, DDS
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