Kiowa County Hospital District

1208 Luther Street, PO Box 817
Eads, Colorado 81036-0817

Phone: 719-438-5401
Fax: 719-438-5697

Important Dates

May 2017

Sunday June 4th - Bible Study @ 2pm

Wednesday June 7th -  Dr. Oquist,  Chiropractor 9am-4pm
Thursday June 8th - Coffee Club in the ECU @ 9am
Sunday June 11th - First Baptist Church Services @ 2pm

Tuesday June 13th - Department Head Q&A @ 8am in Hospital Meeting Room
                                       Dr. Smith, Cardiologist 8am-12pm

Wednesday June 14th -  Dr. Oquist,  Chiropractor 9am-4pm
Thursday June 15th - Coffee Club in the ECU @9am
Sunday June 18th -  United Methodist Church Services @ 2pm                                

Monday June 19th - Dr. Gustafson, Cardiologist 1pm-4pm     

Wednesday June 21st -  Dr. Oquist,  Chiropractor 9am-4pm
Thursday June 22nd - Coffee Club in the ECU@ 9am
                                          Med-Staff Meeting @12pm in Hospital Meeting Room                                                                                

Sunday June 25th -  First Christian Church Services @ 2pm
Tuesday June 27th - KCHD Board Meeting @ 6:30pm at Bransgrove Building Meeting Room

Wednesday June 28th - Dr. Oquist, Chiropractor 9am-4pm

Thursday June 29th - Coffee Club in the ECU @ 9am


Activity Calendar